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About Cengage Learning PTR

Since 2001, Cengage Learning PTR has been publishing how-to books on the most popular fields and hobbies in the media technology realm and beyond. We continue to carry your favorite technology help guides along with new material on topics in business and education. Some of our most popular areas include digital photography, game development, music and audio production, career development, and arts and crafts.

We’re proud to offer digital camera guides from our #1 bestselling camera author David Busch. He’s constantly publishing new material and field guides on the latest digital and digital SLR cameras and technologies. We also continue to publish Pro Tools 101 which has helped thousands of students and professionals take the first step towards Pro Tools certification.

Cengage Learning PTR carries most of its catalog in electronic format so those that prefer e-books to print books can read material on-the-go from their smartphones, tablets or e-readers. We also offer videos and mobile apps, and let visitors check out sample chapters here on the web to make sure they’ve found the perfect selection.

We strive to provide our customers with the necessary resources to learn and adopt skills and hobbies that will last a lifetime. The how-to books from Cengage Learning PTR are the launching pad to your success. Develop unique abilities. Master challenging software. Discover a new talent. We’re thrilled to play a part in your next adventure! Learn something new today with Cengage Learning PTR!