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Go from gamer to game designer with the library of game design books from Cengage Learning PTR, the leading publisher of game design and development books. Our resources are written by industry experts, so whether you’re just getting started or an established professional, you can be confident that you’ll be able to easily learn new techniques to master the craft of game design.

Learn all about the latest tips of the trade, the challenges faced by designers today, and the best ways to prepare yourself for a potential career in the field. With resources from Cengage Learning PTR, the knowledge you need to learn how to design a video game is right at your fingertips.

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cover image - The Multiplayer Classroom: Designing Coursework as a Game
ISBN 13: 9781435458444
Pages: 256
Published: 06/09/2011
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cover image - 21st Century Game Design
ISBN 13: 9781584504290
Pages: 332
Published: 08/29/2005
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cover image - Game Design
ISBN 13: 9781592004935
Pages: 450
Published: 09/16/2004
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