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Arts and crafts books from Cengage Learning PTR help readers learn some of the most creative arts and crafts ideas and skills to get started on that next exciting project. Interested in knitting? Are you curious about crocheting? Want to elevate your scrapbooking skills for that next birthday present or anniversary gift? Are you eager to amaze your friends with magic skills like David Blaine? Cengage Learning PTR has the resources to help you find arts and crafts activities and other hobbies that suite your style and then quickly master them like a pro!

What better way to fill your free time than to adopt an inspiring and artistic hobby? We know it can be a challenge to learn a new skill so our arts and crafts books provide the basics with step-by-step instructing so you can easily succeed and create products that you’re proud of. We start from square one and gradually help you learn all the necessary techniques to perfecting your new trade.

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