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Pets are members of the family so it’s important you pick one that will be best suited for your home and your lifestyle. Training is imperative too to ensure a safe atmosphere and an enjoyable relationship with you and your furry friend. Cengage Learning PTR offers two great resources when it comes to animal care. Get help with choosing a puppy and then with training with our titles: Maran Illustrated Puppies and Maran’s Illustrated Guide to Dog Training.

These dog training books are great for helping readers who are interested in adopting or purchasing their first puppy or would like to begin training. The books use step-by-step instructions, with full-color photos, to demonstrate each task in the process. Access useful tips on what to consider before bringing your new pal home and find hints on ways to break bad habits or behaviors. The essential info will help you in the early stages of your dog’s life – through both the fun and challenging times.

Dogs are our best friends, so it’s important we know how to care for them and tend to their needs. Information on choosing a puppy and guides for training are two great places to start. To view more information on the two books on dog training from Cengage Learning PTR, click the links below.

cover image - Maran Illustrated Dog Training
ISBN 13: 9781592008582
Pages: 256
Published: 03/16/2005
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