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Preparing for the AP Chemistry Examination

Preparing for the AP Chemistry Examination

ISBN 13: 9781133591856

ISBN 10: 113359185X

Author: Sheldon Knoespel; Tina Ohn-Sabatello; Gordon Morlan

Pages: 392

Published: 05/08/2012

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Preparing for the AP Chemistry Examination will help you prepare for the AP exam quickly, efficiently, and, above all, effectively. Right from the start, you will identify the course topics you most need practice on and be able to focus your studying, while getting a review opportunity for your general knowledge. By the end of the book, you will be primed for taking the exam and on your way to a 5!
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  • Written by experts in the field, this easy to use guide includes a diagnostic test, practice questions, and full-length practice tests.
  • Designed to help AP Chemistry students identify gaps in their knowledge and quickly fill them, the text includes numerous practice questions and tests to ensure mastery of each topic.
  • The text offers a general review of all the topics covered on the AP Chemistry exam.
Author Bio
Sheldon Knoespel
Sheldon Knoespel currently teaches chemistry part time at Jackson Community College in Jackson, Michigan. He also serves as a science education instructor at Michigan State University and site coordinator for the Michigan Science Olympiad state tournament. Sheldon has also served as one of the committee members for the Laboratory Practical section of the American Chemical Society's United States National Chemistry Olympiad Exam. Previously Sheldon was employed with the MSU Department of Chemistry where he was Chemical Demonstrator for fourteen years. Prior to that he taught at Olivet High School, Olivet, Michigan, where he taught all of the physical sciences, including AP Chemistry, for more than twenty years.
Tina Ohn-Sabatello
Tina Ohn-Sabatello has been teaching honors and AP Chemistry for sixteen years at Maine East High School in Park Ridge, Illinois. Each year, her students achieve mostly 4's and 5's on the AP Chemistry exam. She also has taught for five summer terms at Triton Community College. Tina has B.S. and M.S. degrees from the University of Illinois at Chicago. She was one of five members of the SAT II Chemistry Test Development Committee. During her five-year term working for ETS, she wrote and revised chemistry questions for the subject matter test with one other high school teacher, three college professors, and two ETS consultants.
Gordon Morlan
Gordon Morlan taught chemistry for forty years; the last twenty years included AP Chemistry. He served as Science Department Chairman at Grosse Pointe North High School in Michigan for twenty-nine years. Gordon was also a College Board consultant and was a reader for the AP Chemistry Examination twelve times. He is an active competitive sailor and also enjoys reading, travel, and jazz.
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Table of Contents
Preparing for the AP Chemistry Exam.
Taking the AP Chemistry Exam.
A Diagnostic Test.
1. Chemical Foundations.
2. Atomic Theory and Atomic Structure.
3. Stoichiometry.
4. Chemical Reactions.
5. Gases.
6. Thermochemistry and Thermodynamics.
7. Atomic Structure and Periodicity.
8. Bonding, Structure, and Organic Chemistry.
9. Liquids and Solids.
10. Solutions.
11. Kinetics.
12. Equilibrium.
13. Acids, Bases, and Salts.
14. Solubility.
15. Electrochemistry.
16. Nuclear Chemistry.
Practice Test 1.
Practice Test 2.
Sample Chapters