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Professional Results with Canon Vixia Camcorders, A Field Guide to Canon G10 and XA10

Professional Results with Canon Vixia Camcorders, A Field Guide to Canon G10 and XA10

ISBN 13: 9781133702597

ISBN 10: 1133702597

Author: Warren Bass

Pages: 256

Published: 06/25/2012

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We're in the midst of a digital media-making revolution--and the Canon® Vixia® G10 and XA10 camcorders are at the forefront. Blurring the line between "pro-sumer" and professional, the G10 and XA10 are sharper, cleaner, more compact, more portable, and boast more professional features than any prior palm-sized camcorder in their price range. This book is a comprehensive field guide to the concepts, strategies, equipment, and procedures for achieving the best results possible with Canon's top-of-the-line palm-sized camcorders. The guide focuses on the specific features of the Canon Vixia HF G10 and XA10, but users of other camcorders in the Vixia series, the Legria series (shooting PAL), and other camcorders will find a wealth of relevant information. With a high-definition palm-sized camcorder such as the Canon Vixia G10 or XA10, your potential is limited only by your imagination and your resourcefulness.
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  • Covers production strategies, advanced shooting techniques, editing workflows, and more.
  • Includes background and conceptual information about technical and aesthetic choices, visual design, lighting, and sound.
  • Includes feature comparisons of the G10, XA10, and other currently available models in the Canon Vixia series, as well as competing brands.
Author Bio
Warren Bass
Warren Bass is an independent film and video maker. He is a full professor (and former chair) of Film & Media Arts at Temple University where he teaches directing, cinematography, videography, and advanced documentary and fiction workshops. He was trained at the Yale School of Drama in directing and at Columbia University in film as their School of the Arts Scholar. He has taught at Yale, NYU, the State University of California, and the American Film Institute; has chaired university departments in Film, Television, and Theater in New England; served as Vice President of the University Film & Video Association; and for extended periods of time served as Director of Temple University's graduate program in Film & Television. He has directed theater at Lincoln Center, off-Broadway, and in regional professional theaters, including the world premiere of the musical drama Copernicus at the Annenberg Center in Philadelphia. His film and video productions have been aired on PBS, syndicated television, and cable in the U.S. and on European, Asian, and Australian television. His work has received more than 100 regional, national and international awards.
cover image - Professional Results with Canon Vixia Camcorders, A Field Guide to Canon G10 and XA10
Table of Contents
1. Camcorder Basics: Getting Started.
2. Run-and-Gun Shooting.
3. Visual Composition.
4. Controlling Exposure.
5. Selective Focus and Depth of Field.
6. Controlling Color Balance.
7. Improving Sound.
8. Shooting in Available Light.
9. Lighting Techniques.
10. Shooting at Night.
11. Mounting the Camera.
12. Controlling the Moving Camera.
13. Still Photography.
14. Extreme Close-up Videography.
15. Special Features.
16. Integrating with Larger Camcorders.
17. Accessories for Palm-Size Production.
18. Production Strategies.
19. Managing and Storing Video Files.
20. Editing.
Appendix A: Camcorder and File Precautions.
Appendix B: Canon XA10/G10 Diagrams.
Appendix C: Menu Map.
Appendix D: Canon Vixia Series Comparison.
Appendix E: XA10, Sony MC50u, Canon XF Comparison.
Appendix F: Final Cut Keyboard Commands & Shortcuts.
Appendix G: AVID Keyboard Commands & Shortcuts.
Appendix H: Premiere Keyboard Commands & Shortcuts.
Appendix I: Sony Vegas Keyboard Commands & Shortcuts.
Appendix J: Troubleshooting.
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