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Master Math, AP Statistics

Master Math, AP Statistics

ISBN 13: 9781435456273

ISBN 10: 1435456270

Author: Gerry McAfee

Pages: 256

Published: 05/26/2010

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Get ready to master the concepts of AP Statistics and ace your exam! Master Math: AP® Statistics is a comprehensive reference guide written specifically for AP Statistics students, covering all the topics of AP Statistics in a simple, easy-to-follow style and format. Suitable for a wide variety of ability levels, this book explains and clarifies the various concepts of AP Statistics including exploring data, sampling and experimentation, anticipating patterns, and statistical inference. The example problems in each chapter are written with the AP Statistics Exam in mind to help you understand the concepts and learn how to effectively answer the exam questions. You'll also find useful appendices that help with exam preparation, including all the tables and formulas that are given and needed, as well as a quick-reference summary of assumptions and conditions for inference. A helpful glossary will help you brush up on terminology. Master Math: AP® Statistics is an invaluable resource for anyone studying and preparing for the AP Statistics Exam.
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  • A new addition to the top selling "Master Math" series of books.
  • Helps readers prepare for the AP statistics exam.
  • A very simple, easy-to-follow guide that uses clear and concise language and features practical problems with step-by-step solutions.
Author Bio
Gerry McAfee
Gerry McAfee began his teaching career as an undergraduate at Purdue University. He has been teaching mathematics for 17 years, and currently teaches AP Statistics in Brownsburg, Indiana. In addition to teaching AP Statistics, Gerry also teaches dual-credit mathematics, including finite math, through Indiana State University, and applied calculus, through Ball State University. Gerry has also taught a wide range of additional math courses including basic math, pre-algebra, algebra, and algebra 2. He has won teaching awards including the Brownsburg High School National Honor Society Teacher of the Year, Who's Who Among American Teachers, and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes-- Positive Role Model. He was also chosen for teacher recognition by an Indianapolis Star Academic All Star student. Gerry graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics in 1993. He also holds a Master of Arts degree in Education from Indiana Wesleyan University.
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Table of Contents
1. Exploring and Graphing Univariate Data.
2. Exploring and Graphing Bivariate Data.
3. Normal Distributions.
4. Samples, Experiments, and Simulations.
5. Probability.
6. Sampling Distributions.
7. Inference for Means.
8. Inference for Proportions.
9. Inference for Related Variables: Chi-Square Distributions.
10. Inference for Regression.
Appendix A: Tables.
Appendix B: Formulas.
Appendix C: Assumptions and Conditions for Inference.