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The Guitarist's Guide to SONAR

The Guitarist's Guide to SONAR

ISBN 13: 9781435457683

ISBN 10: 1435457684

Author: Craig Anderton

Pages: 250

Published: 10/20/2011

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As more and more guitarists begin to use amp simulation software, it becomes increasingly important for them to have a tool that will help them to get the most out of it. That tool has arrived in the form of THE GUITARIST'S GUIDE TO SONAR. Designed for guitarists of varying levels of experience with music software, this book covers some of the considerations unique to recording guitar with any computer-based system, and then progresses into guitar-specific techniques for Cakewalk SONAR. The first eight chapters are designed to flow in order, but after that, the book is more of a collection of tools and tips that you can dip into as needed. Are you having problems nailing a solo? Then check out the chapter "Perfect Takes with Composite Recording." Miss the sound of that ancient phase shifter you sold on eBay? Then read "How to Emulate Vintage Effects." Not happy with the sound of amp sims? There are plenty of ways to sweeten their sound, as described in "How to Improve Amp Sim Tone." Think of this book as a reference that can help you solve problems, but also, there's a lot of material intended to inspire you to try new and different techniques and get your creative juices flowing.
Note*: If you are buying the e-book version of this product, any CD/DVD supplement files referenced throughout the book can be accessed for free at our Companion Downloads page.
  • Provides the only book on the market specifically designed to help guitarists utilize SONAR and other Cakewalk products.
  • Illustrates important concepts with detailed screenshots and diagrams.
  • Offers a comprehensive learning package, complete with companion tutorial files that are available for download.
  • Facilitates comprehension with minimal use of advanced, highly technical jargon, and sidebar explanations when it is used at all.
Author Bio
Craig Anderton
Craig Anderton is one of the most widely respected pro audio writers today. He is currently editor-in-chief of Harmony Central and executive editor of EQ magazine. He has played on, produced, or engineered more than 20 major label releases and written more than 20 books, as well as given seminars on technology and the arts in 38 states, 10 countries, and three languages. He maintains an active musical career; in addition to playing with German underground legend Dr. Walker, he's also one half of the "power duo" EV2 with Brian Hardgroove of Public Enemy.
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Table of Contents
1. Recording with a Computer.
2. Interfacing Guitar with Computers.
3. Guitarist's Guide to Audio Interfaces.
4. Setting Preferences in SONAR.
5. Guitar Recording Options with SONAR.
6. Setting Up to Record in SONAR.
7. About Busses.
8. How to Use Plug-In Effects.
9. Series, Parallel, and Series Parallel Effects.
10. Effects Chains 2.0.
11. Creating Virtual Amps and Pedalboards with Track Templates.
12. Re-Amping with SONAR.
13. How to Improve Amp Sim Tone.
14. The Care and Feeding of Plug-Ins.
15. Perfect Takes with Composite Recording.
16. Mixing and Effects Automation.
17. Control Surfaces and the Roland VS-20 Interface for Guitarists.
18. ACT: The Key to Hands-On Control.
19. SONAR's Bundled Plug-Ins: Common Elements
20. SONAR's Equalizers.
21. SONAR's Dynamics Processors.
22. SONAR's Time-Based and Modulation Effects.
23. SONAR's Channel Strips.
24. SONAR's Miscellaneous Effects.
25. Guitar Tablature with SONAR.
26. MIDI Guitar with SONAR.
27. The "Virtual" MIDI Guitar.
28. Novel Rhythmic Effects with Sidechaining.
29. Tuning Out Mic/Direct Differences.
30. How to Emulate Vintage Effects.
31. Multiband Processing.
32. Create a Looper in SONAR.
33. SONAR's Multiband Envelope Follower.
34. Transposing in SONAR X1.
35. Create Drum Backing Tracks with Session Drummer 3.
36. Backing Up.
Appendix A. MIDI Basics.
Sample Chapters