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Master Math, Business and Personal Finance Math

Master Math, Business and Personal Finance Math

ISBN 13: 9781435457881

ISBN 10: 1435457889

Author: Mary Hansen

Pages: 304

Published: 05/11/2011

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MASTER MATH: BUSINESS AND PERSONAL FINANCE MATH is a comprehensive reference guide that explains and clarifies the principles of business and personal finance math in a simple, easy-to-follow style and format. Beginning with the most fundamental topics and progressing through to the more advanced, this book helps clarify the mathematics of personal finance and business using step-by step procedures and solutions, along with practice problems. You'll start by learning the basics of topics like paychecks, taxes, credit card and loan interest, investments, budgets, and business costs to give you a foundation for the more advanced topics covered later in the book. Topics addressed include gross and net pay, banking, credit and loans, owning a car or home, insurance and investments, budgets, costs of doing business, tracking sales and inventory, financial ratios, and business profit and loss. A complete table of contents and a comprehensive index enable readers to quickly find specific topics, and the approachable style and format facilitate an understanding of what can be intimidating and tricky skills. Perfect for students, teachers, and business people, as well as anyone wanting to better understand the mathematics of business or personal finance.
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  • Provides a basic math review and then introduces new concepts one-by-one.
  • Utilizes a direct learning approach that focus on practical application.
  • Examples are worked out step-by-step.
Author Bio
Mary Hansen
Mary Hansen received her B.A. in mathematics and M.A.T in education from Trinity University in San Antonio Texas. She has taught mathematics and special education and the elementary, high school and college level in Texas, North Carolina and Kansas. She is the author of Business Math, 17e, and the co-author of three high school mathematics textbooks. She currently works as an educational consultant and freelance writer.
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Table of Contents
1. Basic Math Review.
2. Income.
3. Banking.
4. Credit Cards.
5. Loans.
6. Owning Property or a Vehicle.
7. Insurance and Investments.
8. Budgets.
9. Business Costs.
10. Sales and Marketing.
11. Manage People and Inventory.
12. Financial Statements and Ratios.
13. Business Statistics and Economic Indicators.
Sample Chapters