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Inspired 3D Short Film Production

Inspired 3D Short Film Production

ISBN 13: 9781592001170

ISBN 10: 1592001173

Author: Jeremy Cantor; Pepe Valencia

Pages: 496

Published: 06/10/2004

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This book brilliantly guides readers, using colorful images and step-by-step instructions, through all aspects of creating a digital short film, from the development stage (story, character design, animatics), through the production process (animation, camera direction, lighting), as well as the post-production phase (editing, submitting to festivals and contests). By the time readers complete “Inspired 3D Short Film Production”, they will have received an overview of all the steps involved in creating a digital short, as well as having witnessed the production of a student's short film from concept through completion. Co-Author Jeremy Cantor's latest CG short film, "Squaring Off" will be featured in “North America’s Best Animated Shorts” (DVD collection) scheduled for release this Spring. Co-Author Pepe Valencia is currently lending his character animation skills to "Tadpole," ‘Sony Imageworks' second animated CG short. An exciting companion DVD features several student and professional animated shorts, and includes examples performed in the book's tutorials. "Inspired 3D Short Film Production" provides budding filmmakers with the necessary inspiration, examples, and pipeline suggestions to help them turn their story ideas into reality through the medium of the 3D animated CG short.
  • Learn to create a professional 3D animated short film.
  • Follow along with the authors as they create a 3D short of their own.
  • Includes DVD with dozens of student and professional 3D animated shorts.
  • Full-color book features brilliant images, examples, tips, and interviews with industry pros.
  • Authors are industry veterans of feature films and short films at Sony Pictures Imageworks.
  • Companion website available here:
Author Bio
Jeremy Cantor
Jeremy Cantor has nearly 20 years of experience as an animator, storyboard artist, rigger, and supervisor in the film and video game industries, having worked at various production houses, including Industrial Light & Magic, Sony Imageworks, Tippett Studio, Insomniac Games, and Sega of America. His film credits include Starship Troopers, Harry Potter & The Sorcerer's Stone, Transformers 2, Avatar, Super 8, and Rango. Video game credits include Full Spectrum Warrior, Ratchet: Deadlocked, Resistance: Fall of Man, and the original digital pet projects, Catz & Dogz. Jeremy has had three short films in touring animation festivals and has taught CG character animation classes at venues such as Calarts, Gnomon School of VFX, The Academy of Art University, M.I.T., and In 2011, Jeremy hung up his production hat and joined the computer animation department of Ringling College of Art + Design in Sarasota, Florida, as a full-time instructor.
Pepe Valencia
Pepe Valencia has been at Sony Pictures Imageworks since 1996 where he was recently supervising the animation on "Charlie¿s Angels 2". Previous projects at Sony include: "Stuart Little", "Stuart Little 2", "Charlie¿s Angels", "Harry Potter & the Sorcerer¿s Stone", "Hollowman", "Godzilla", "Starship Troopers", & "Snow Falling on Cedars". Before joining Sony, he worked at Cinesite as a Technical Director on Space Jam and at a number of smaller production houses. Previous to that, he spent five years animating and lighting TV Commercials. His independent work has been shown at SIGGRAPH ¿90, Imagina 92, Art Futura 92, and Cannes ¿94. He served as a member of the Short Animated Films jury for the 2001 ASIFA Annie Awards and has written articles for "Cinevideo 20" and "Campana". He has lectured at the Reina Sofia Art Center, the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, and taught courses at the Centro Monserrat and the Gnomon School of Visual Effects. In addition to a strong background in both the visual arts and computer technology, he brings to animation a breadth of experience in theater including four years with TEC in Madrid. Pepe teaches the Digital Shorts Workshop at the California Institute of the Arts and is currently lending his character animation skills to Tadpole, Sony Imageworks¿ second animated CG short film.
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Table of Contents
1. Getting Started
2. Story
3. Character Development and Design
4. Art Direction
5. Storyboarding
6. Case Study 1: Virgil and Maurice
7. Production Planning
8. Case Study 2: Silhouette
9. Vocal Tracks
10. Story Reels and 2D Animatics
11. 3D Animatics, Layout, and Camera Direction
12. Modeling
13. Materials and Textures
14. Character Setup
15. An Interview with Jim McCampbell
16. Animation
17. Case Study 3: Squaring Off
18. Lighting and Rendering
19. Visual Effects
20. Compositing
21. Sound Effects and Music
22. Titles and Credits
23. Case Study 4: Early Bloomer
24. Marketing and Distribution
A: Short List
B: Suggested Reading
C: Selected Resources
D: Full Image Credits
E: DVD Contents