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Surreal Digital Photography

Surreal Digital Photography

ISBN 13: 9781592003891

ISBN 10: 1592003893

Author: Barry Huggins; Ian Probert

Pages: 192

Published: 10/18/2004

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"Surreal Digital Photography" covers the use of digital imaging software to turn digital photographs into artistic works through montage or colour enhancements. It demonstrates the techniques involved through practical projects, many of which produce a "surrealist" end result. The book is broken down to cover landscape, portrait, and studio photography, and the methods involved can be used to create amazing results from any digital photos. Creative showcase sections also highlight the best work from dynamic digital artists, with breakdowns to show the behind-the-scenes work. The book combines practical techniques with a more artistic approach to digital imaging, where it's not just about fixing problems or creating realistic results, but about exercising the imagination and being more playful with your photography.
  • Not just another Photoshop manual, but an exciting exploration of artistic digital-imaging
  • Each page packed with beautiful Images to tempt the eye and engage the mind
  • A book for artists, photographers, and digital designers
  • A breakthrough book for the art of digital imaging that crosses the line between art and digital design
  • Clear tutorials cover every major technique used in the book
Author Bio
Barry Huggins
Barry Huggins is an author and Photoshop specialist. Apart from writing on the subject, he runs Matrix Training, a multimedia training company specializing in digital imaging and video. He currently resides in London, England.
Ian Probert
Ian Probert is a writer and journalist with more than twelve years of experience in books, magazines, and newspapers. He studied photography and filmmaking at Exeter College of Art and is an enthusiastic photographer, filmmaker, musician, and digital artist.
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Table of Contents
1. The Digital Toolbox
2. Special Effects Workshop
3. Landscapes
4. Figure Work
5. Flora and Fauna
6. Studio Work