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Digital Black & White Photography

Digital Black & White Photography

ISBN 13: 9781592004720

ISBN 10: 1592004725

Author: John Beardsworth

Pages: 144

Published: 11/05/2004

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Focusing on black and white photos, this book looks at both the camera and techniques needed to capture good images, as well as the digital processing that can be applied. As the digital camera market is saturated with all-in-one-book titles, the market is large enough and ready for books that concentrate on specific areas of photography. Black and white is the first area aspirant photographers express an interest in. With so many enthusiasts, this book will fill a niche in this growing market. Black and white is regarded as a significant photographic skill, even an art, so it merits a completed book dedicated to the unique skill requirements. Spanning the topic from capturing photos through to the latest information on digital printing and DVD burning, this book provides amateurs with a solid foundation. The digital focus of this book is comprehensive, including both recreation of traditional effects and all-new digital techniques. It approaches black and white photography from a practical, tutorial view, not just an artistic view, so that readers benefit from an understanding of all perspectives-an important factor in the competitive arena of digital photography.
  • A complete guide for amateur and enthusiast photographers to black-and-white photography in the digital age.
  • A comprehensive review of all the skills needed to make perfect compositions.
  • All the classic darkroom effects recreated using simple digital techniques.
  • Over 300 inspirational photographs illustrating every skill discussed.
  • Provides an in-depth look at perfecting printed and multimedia output.
Author Bio
John Beardsworth
Since discovering photography as a simple escape from IT consultantcy, John Beardsworth has devoted more than a decade of his life to developing his photography skills. He has spent that time making his darkroom redundant by adopting the new digital workflow, yet has kept his eye on the style and texture of black and white. His work includes tackling human expression in its rawest form, weddings, and many beautiful landscapes from across the globe. John currently resides in London, England.
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Table of Contents
Part 1: Your Digital Camera
1. Camera and Image Resolution
2. The Camera and Its Controls
3. The Lens
4. Focusing
5. Getting the Right Exposure
6. Low Light
7. Onboard Camera Effects
8. Using Flash
Part 2: How to Shoot Great Black-and-White Photos
9. Learning to “See” in Black and White
10. An Eye for Composition
11. Graphical Building Blocks
12. Pattern and Symmetry
13. Viewpoint and Perspective
14. Framing
15. Isolating Details
16. The Quality of Light
17. Light, Shape, and Form
18. Light, Tone, and Contrast
19. High Key
20. Low Key
21. Light and Texture
22. Shadows
23. Contre Jour and Silhouettes
24. Using Lens Filters
25. Shooting for Postproduction
Part 3: Digital Imaging Techniques
26. Image-Editing Software
27. Scanning
28. Retouching Dust and Scratch Marks
29. Converting Color Shots to Black and White
30. Correcting Over and Underexposure
31. Dodging and Burning
32. Optimizing Tonal Range
33. Darkening Skies
34. Soft-Focus Effects
35. Retouching Portraits
36. Removing Unwanted Picture Elements
37. Changing Backgrounds
Part 4: Simulating Classic Darkroom Effects
38. Grain Effects
39. Lith Film Effects
40. Sepia-Toned Prints
41. Duotones
42. Hand-Coloring Black-and-White Images
43. Sabattier and Solarization Effects
44. Simulating Infrared Film
45. Reticulation and Other Texture Effects
46. Bas Relief and Emboss Effects
47. Vignettes and Borders
Part 5: Showing and Sharing Your Pictures
48. Perfect Prints
49. Special Black/Grayscale Inks
50. Art Papers
51. Digital Photo Albums
52. Digital Photo Essay
53. Slideshows on CD-ROM
54. Multimedia DVDs
55. Putting Pictures on the Web