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Digital Night and Low-Light Photography

Digital Night and Low-Light Photography

ISBN 13: 9781592006496

ISBN 10: 1592006493

Author: Tim Gartside

Pages: 160

Published: 11/28/2005

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Taking successful night and low-light photographs has always presented a technical challenge. How do you capture enough light to secure a great picture? How do you judge and control lengthy timed exposures? How and when do you use additional lighting? Here is an area of photography that demands the utmost from the camera, and draws on all the skills of the photographer--yet its very complexity is one reason why it is so popular. A further reason is simply that it results in stunning images: sunrises and sunsets, the night sky, dramitcally lit cityscapes, fireworks displays, and more.

"Digital Night and Low-Light Photography" is an in-depth guide to the techniques a photographer needs to guarantee great pictures under challenging lighting conditions. In addition, the book examines the differences in the way film and digital cameras perform in low light, and reveals how the new features built in to many digital cameras--in-camera image previewing, white-balance correction, and ISO adjustments--can make a difference. And it shows how digital-imaging techniques can be used to rescue a disaster, or perhaps create a masterpiece.
  • Covers both outdoor and indoor photography.
  • Features spectacular images of light trails, sunsets, moon shots, and fireworks and explains how to recreate them.
  • The first all-digital-based book on this technically challenging but artistically rewarding area of photography.
  • Provides practical advice on digital-imaging software applications to save poor-quality images and to create special effects like montages, multiple exposures, and ?day-for-night? shots.
Author Bio
Tim Gartside
Tim Gartside runs his own photographic and design company in London, and is a renowned landscape photographer. He has traveled and worked extensively in southern Spain, photographing landscapes and cityscapes, and in Florida, capturing sunsets, sunrises, and the Art Deco architecture of Miami. His pictures have been published in numerous books and magazines, and he is the author of Digital Landscape Photography(1592001076).
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Table of Contents
Part 1
Digital cameras and camera equipment
Which camera to choose
Digital camera features
Tripods, supports, and cable releases
Flash and lighting equipment
Useful accessories

Part 2
Camera techniques
Light and digital cameras
Exposure modes and shutter speeds
Light metering
Calculating exposure times
Bracketing and exposure compensation
Timed exposures
Bulb settings
Using lens filters
ISO settings
Digital noise
Color in low light
Color temperature and time of day
Color temperature and artificial lighting
White-balance settings
Slow shutter-speed effects blur, movement
Focusing in low light
Reviewing and analyzing images in-camera

Part 3
Outdoor low-light photography
Photographing at dawn
Photographing at dusk
Storms and bad weather
Fog and mist
Using flash outdoors
Painting with light, landscapes and buildings

Part 4
Indoor low-light photography
Portraits in natural light
Using fill-in flash
Portraits in artificial light
Photographing interiors
Mixed lighting
Christmas and Halloween
Concerts, plays, and shows
Sports events
Painting with light, portrait and still life

Part 5
Night photography
Photographing the moon
Photographing stars and planets
Star trails
Light trails
Street scenes
Neon and lighting displays

Part 6
Digital post-production
Graphics tablets
Software: Photoshop vs Elements etc.
Exposure and contrast corrections
Color-balance corrections
Correcting noise using Photoshop
Image retouching
Color to black-and-white
Simulating day-for-night
Photoshop lighting effects
Simulating multiple exposures
Digital montaging
Strobe-lighting effects