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Maran Illustrated Poker

Maran Illustrated Poker

ISBN 13: 9781592009466

ISBN 10: 1592009468

Author: maranGraphics Development Group

Pages: 240

Published: 05/22/2006

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Poker is one of the hottest games in North America. From celebrity players to poker professionals, poker has become a national obsession. The World Series of Poker (WSOP) now has a $5 million first prize and totals nearly $50 million in overall prizes. The WSOP is fervently watched by millions of players. Poker Television ratings are up over 40% from 2003, and ESPN is planning to substantially increase its poker coverage in 2005. With the cost of a deck of cards under a few dollars and the ability to play free games online, poker is one of the least expensive and most easily accessible games to play. 60-70 million people play poker, making it one of the top games demographics in America, according to Sports Illustrated.
  • Features a unique two-page spread, concise text, hundreds of full-color examples, photographs, and illustrations, and color-coding to engage readers and simplify the learning process.
  • Provides extensive coverage of everything from the basics blinds, bets, flops, the hole, turn cards, and money management to playing strategies when to check, raise or fold, and playing the river and the showdown to bluffing and how to read other players and their cards. A glossary of colorful poker sayings and hand nicknames as well as a section on playing online poker makes this book a complete reference for all skill levels.
  • Includes a bonus section on Blackjack that covers hit or stay strategies, double down, split, and using the odds to your advantage.
  • Written using Visual Grammar a proven method that combines instructions with full-color screen shots to provide the best synergistic learning experience available.
Author Bio
maranGraphics Development Group
maranGraphics Development Group combines the efforts of many talented people. An industry expert in the field of each book and Maran's own writers work together to produce books that are highly visual, technically sound, easy for readers to understand, and adhere to maranGraphics' standards of structuring to provide the best learning experience.
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Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Poker Basics

Chapter 2: Playing Texas Hold'em

Chapter 3: Playing Omaha

Chapter 4: Playing Seven-Card Stud

Chapter 5: Playing in a Casino

Chapter 6: Playing in Home Games

Chapter 7: Poker Tournaments

Chapter 8: Poker Psychology

Chapter 9: Playing Online Poker

Chapter 10: Glossary