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Picture Yourself Signing ASL, Level 1

Picture Yourself Signing ASL, Level 1

ISBN 13: 9781598635164

ISBN 10: 1598635166

Author: Janna Sweenie; David Boles

Pages: 208

Published: 01/18/2008

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"Picture Yourself Learning American Sign Language, Level 1" makes learning to sign fun and easy, providing the building blocks to help you master your comprehension of American Sign Language (ASL) at the beginner level. Using a whole-body approach to signing, you’ll learn to convey context and meaning on a dynamic level involving both facial expressions and HandShapes. The book begins by teaching you 10 facial expressions, 16 unique HandShapes, and signs to convey time, space, and location. You’ll then be introduced to the revolutionary “Pick and Say Rubric” that incorporates 90 vocabulary words with a sentence pattern. Each part of the sentence is assigned a color—red for time, green for nouns, and blue for actions. The rubric makes learning proper sentence structure fun and engaging, and simple sentences can be built upon with the addition of individual vocabulary words. "Picture Yourself Learning American Sign Language, Level 1" is filled with full-color photographs that illustrate proper HandShapes formation, and an accompanying DVD that demonstrates the correct way to form words and sentences, making learning to sign simple and enjoyable.
Note*: If you are buying the e-book version of this product, any CD/DVD supplement files referenced throughout the book can be accessed for free at our Companion Downloads page.
  • Presented in the 4-color, visual, tutorial style of the "Picture Yourself" series.
  • Teaches over 90 Level One ASL words and phrases.
  • Full-color images and the accompanying 90-minute DVD demonstrate the proper way to form words and sentences.
Author Bio
Janna Sweenie
Has been teaching ASL at NYU for over 15 years and other ASL credits include Montclair State University, Lehman College, Catholic Charities in Brooklyn, LaGuardia Community College and the College of New Rochelle. She was born Deaf in Council Bluffs and attended the Iowa School for the Deaf. Her job with NY State is to rehabilitate Deaf clients via education and employment. Her ASL website is
David Boles
David W. Boles has authored three other books for Course Technology PTR: Picture Yourself Learning American Sign Language,Level 1; Picture Yourself Learning Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard; and Google Apps Administrator Guide. David is the author of several blogs that deal with technology and the mind-body meme, including Urban,, and David has also been teaching for over 16 years. He has taught American Sign Language at New York University; Public Health at University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey; English and Literary Criticism at Fordham University, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Saint Peter’s College, and the College of New Rochelle; and Drama and Speech at Rutgers University, NJIT, and Columbia University. He can be visited online at
cover image - Picture Yourself Signing ASL, Level 1
Table of Contents
Chapter 1: American Sign Language is a Visual Language
Chapter 2: Deaf Culture Norms, Memes, and Standards
Chapter 3: Understanding Facial Expression
Chapter 4: Commanding HandShapes
Chapter 5: The Red Chapter
Chapter 6: The Green Chapter
Chapter 7: The Blue Chapter
Chapter 8: The Pick and Say Rubric
Chapter 9: Creating Complex Sentences
Chapter 10: Signing from Her on Up!